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The Vet Clinic

The Vet Clinic

Hosted by Pause 4 Paws.

Services provided by Angel's Touch Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

2024 Schedule

The mobile vet clinic comes up to Big Bear City 1-2 times a month starting as soon as winter ends and goes until October.


The most up to date schedule and clinic dates will always be posted on our Facebook page:

Appointments for surgery are always required and can only be made by calling or texting the vet staff directly at: (760) 447-5300.

Vaccines, microchips, and tests are available on a walk-in basis between 11am-1pm on clinic days. No appointment is needed for these.

How it Works

Step 1:

For a spay or neuter surgery for your pet, appointments are necessary.

Call or Text (760) 447-5300 to schedule*

Step 2:

Drop off your pet in the morning at 513 W. North Shore Dr, Big Bear City. You will need to fill out permission paperwork.

Step 3:

The clinic staff will call you in the afternoon when your pet is coming out of anesthesia. Come and get your new and improved companion!

*The clinic is extremely busy; if no answer please leave a message or try again.


We are so fortunate to have Dr. Beeks, an independent vet, helping our community by offering extremely fair prices for her services.


A friendly reminder that veterinary care is not free, and although they are doctors, vets are rarely living large. Like all of us, they must pay their staff, loans, bills, cost of equipment, insurance, and put gas in the car.

If finances are preventing you from getting your pet spayed or neutered, please see below for resources.

Angel's Touch Mobile Vet Price List(2).jpg

Financial Aid

If finances are standing in the way of getting your pets spayed or neutered, we are happy to recommend a few resources available to mountain residents to reduce costs further.


Email with the following information:

Owner's full name, phone # with area code, residence address, & mailing address if different and

Pets – (for up to 6 personal pets) …  each animal’s name, dog or cat, male or female, color of fur, age, dog breed or mix, and for cats … short, medium or long hair.

The Popco voucher comes by mail and takes three weeks to arrive- so email them asap. Note the vet you are using is Angel’s Touch Vet in Apple Valley.

Mountain Humane

Call Mountain Humane at 909-337-6422 and let them know you want to get your pets fixed thru Angel’s Touch Vet in Apple Valley.


They will set up vouchers over the phone to pay directly to the vet, which will discount the bill when you pay at the Big Bear clinic.

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