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Our Story

Pause 4 Paws is a small but mighty all-volunteer organization, founded and run by Mary Lou King.  Since her retirement, Mary Lou has focused her time, energy, and savings on reducing the number of unwanted pets in Big Bear Valley. She has negotiated a special arrangement for a veterinarian and her staff to visit the mountain 1-2 times each month to provide the community with affordable basic vet care, such as spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations. In addition, Pause 4 Paws covers 100% of the cost of sterilizing stray or feral cats in Big Bear.

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Our Challenge

The Big Bear Valley community is located about 7,000 ft high in the San Bernardino mountains and requires a tedious 1+ hrs drive to access larger cities, therefore limiting options for affordable veterinarian services for many residents. Furthermore, with ever increasing costs of living, many residents in our working-class community are forced to choose between paying monthly bills and getting vet care for their pets. Pause 4 Paws is dedicated to connecting residents to resources, services, and programs that can reduce these costs and ensure that our community animals get the basic care they need.

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